General Information

Initial Visit


The initial visit will be approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes long. During your first visit, we will do a thorough intake of your health history, examine your pulse, tongue and meridians, and discuss your treatment. Your visit will also include an acupuncture session.


Follow-up Visit


A follow-up visit will be approximately 1 hour long. During the visit we will review your progress and you'll receive an acupuncture treatment. We may also discuss your nutrition and exercise and suggest certain changes in your diet and habits to support your health.


Before, During and After Treatment


- Please wear loose and comfortable clothes.

- Do not brush your tongue since I'll need to check it.

- Avoid being excessively hungry or fatigued, or doing vigorous exercise within a few hours after a treatment.

- During a session please do not move your body after the needles have been inserted since it may cause the muscles to tighten around the needles. Please let me know if you need to move so I can adjust the needles before you move.