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About the Clinic



One of the characteristics of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is that it considers the human body as a whole — our body and mind are connected, so do our internal organs and meridians (the pathways through which "Qi", or life energy flows). Our health is influenced by both the external environment that we live in and the internal environment of our physical, mental and emotional being. Therefore, working with health issues is not just about fixing nuts and bolts, but also stepping back and taking a holistic point of view of the system.  


Another characteristic of TCM treatment is that no one person is the same as another, therefore treatments are tailored to suit each person's conditions and needs. During the course of the treatment, these conditions and needs may change and adjustments will be made accordingly.



Our clinic is located at 1449 Lyon Street, San Francisco. It's  easily accessible from Presidio Heights, Laurel Heights, Pacific Heights, Marina, Cow Hollow, Richmond District and many other neighborhoods in the city.


Parking and Public Transportation


2-hour free street parking usually can be found within a few blocks in the neighborhoods. It's also accessible by muni lines if you take public transportation.

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