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Lucy Xiao, DAOM, LAC.

Dr. Lucy Xiao is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in the State of California and nationwide, and has studied and practiced holistic medicine for over twenty years. She received her Doctoral degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Five Branches University and studied with the late Dr. Wang Juyi, a renowned acupuncture master and teacher in Beijing, China, who inspired her to train in the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


She works with her patients on their health concerns and supports their long term physical and mental health through acupuncture, herbs, nutrition and education on life style and self awareness. Her approach is holistic and hands-on, and her style is warm and light-hearted.


She is also a Zen priest and teaches meditation and wholesome ways of living. She founded Harmony Zen, a mindfulness community to encourage transformation and growth through practicing and studying eastern spiritual traditions.

She was born and raised in Guangzhou (Canton) and is deeply connected to her Chinese heritage. As Chinese say, "饮水思源" — "When you drink water, remember the source from which it came", she is most grateful to her patients for giving her the opportunity to serve the community. 

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